An SOS to Summer Vacation

It is 12:21 am on this Wednesday of Week 8, and I am ready to go home for the quarter.

Oh summer, where are you? Oh carelessness, where are you? Oh nacho-eating parties at my friends’ house where we play card games and drink too much soda until 11 pm then go home, where are you? Where are you in this time of term papers and quizzes? The summer heat is here but the summer break is not (and it is only February!)

Life at UCLA is stressful. My swipes are running out. I’m writing the last papers of the quarter and I’m tired. Finals are approaching and I’m still trying to to get used to college in general.

I am surviving off of knowing that I am a few months away from going to San Diego on vacation. Have you ever heard the song “California Lovers” by Tori Kelly? That is what summer in San Diego is like. That is what my summers in San Diego have been like since I was six years old. Now that I’m 19, they are extra special because I get to do so many cool things and post them on Instagram.

In honor of my Tori Kelly-inspired vacation dreams, here is a playlist of the songs that remind me of summer:

So yeah, there is a Big Time Rush song in there from my freshman year of high school days, but they are memories that I cherish so much!

Only on one quarter and two and a half weeks until I’m done with my first year of college!

Oh summer, I am counting down the days until you return to me.

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