My First Year of College is Over

How exciting is it that I have finished my first year of college? Very. While I sit here drinking my coffee, a few minutes away from entering another study session for my first final, I decided I would take a few minutes to go through a couple photos that I took during my first year as a Bruin and look back on what has happened and make a little listicle of all the cool things at UCLA. (I wrote this listicle while I was still in school – I’m publishing it during summer vacation!)

1. Late Night at De Neve!


I LOVE Late Night food. The best thing to get is the chicken tenders, but when you are starving at 9 pm, the burgers and/or chili cheese fries are extremely satisfying. I was a frequent Late Night goer. The only downside is that the line gets long and a few times I think it took me an hour to get food (but that’s only when it’s like a weekend/friday night/thursday night or just a night that people are taking off from doing stuff).

2. Santa Monica

IMG_7188 (1)

Okay, so I only made it to Santa Monica like, twice, but I LOVE that there is a Disney Store in the 3rd Street Promenade. And the ocean! How cool is the ocean at sunset???

3. Outside


There are tons of places to sit and do your work outside. The only bad thing is that the wifi sucks pretty much everywhere outside and there are no outlets so my laptop dies super fast. Also, I feel like the weather always turns extreme when I try to sit outside. It’s either super hot or freezing and blowing wind. But when I am able to find little spots like this, it is nice.

4. The Hogwarts-inspired outdoor hallways


I don’t like being on campus at night, but the couple of times that I have stayed in a library to study, I have been able to walk through the halls of Hogwarts on my way back to my dorm. Even though it is more of an eerie feeling, they make for great photo ops at night.

5. Super cool events like a talk from the costume designer from Game of Thrones


I went to this event for my mother, but when I got back to my dorm room I started watching Game of Thrones! It was super cool hearing about how their costumes are made. It also gave me inspiration since I love to sew and make my own Halloween costumes.

6. The one movie premiere that I made time to go to 


I mainly went to see my first love Zac Efron in the flesh, but as I was walking out the door I learned he wasn’t going to be there because he was still filming Baywatch. It literally broke my heart, but I still got to see Dave Franco and eat some Diddy Riese. Oh, I also had a raging fever and I was going to Disneyland at the end of the week, but it was Week 8 or 9 and my time in Westwood was running out so I figured, why not?

7. Disneyland (By myself, fulfilling my Disneyland and California Adventure Bucket List)


I. LIVED. MY. DREAMS. I ATE DILL PICKLE POPCORN FROM THE COZY CONE MOTEL. I met Princess Tiana. I ate beignets. (This trip was mostly about eating all the Disneyland food I could get my hands on and it was great.) I also met Kylo Ren and Chewbacca and it was literally the most amazing character meet that I have ever experienced in my entire life. I could feel the evilness of Kylo Ren when he was five feet away. I posed really awkwardly and my photos came out GREAT.

 Even thought I had a pretty rocky start to college, I got to do some pretty cool stuff here and there.

Happy summer everyone, and to first years gearing up for life at UCLA, good luck.

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