Single Staffed Mid

I am currently working a graveyard shift by myself. This is what I did at 4 am to keep myself occupied.

When the shift before you is leaving and it’s like you’re getting ready to be alone forever

When the SPOs come to pick up their stuff and you’re like FRIENDS!! But then you realize you don’t know these SPOs that much

When the bagel man shows up and the smell makes you dream of different types of bagels that you never knew you wanted to eat

When the RAs are signing off and you think about test-driving a radio show to the On RAs

Someone calls to report something and you realize that you’re really out here, doing big things, being successful, putting things into MS Shift the right way

When you start chugging your 5 shots of espresso when you feel a lil sleepy

When you make top ramen and feast because you just found out you love top ramen

When you try convince your body that the top ramen will dilute the extreme caffeine running through your veins but your body knows you don’t know science and you’re probably wrong

Image result for when it speeds up in mario kart

When you get jiterry from the caffeine and you get a reverse headache that means yoy have way too much caffeine in your system for this time of day, and if you were this attentive in class you’d probably be a good law school candidate by now

When you take a break from editing papers to buy two shirts from Hot Topic for $35, which is the cost of one shirt at the merch table of The 1975 concert and you think you’re the most money-savvy person out there

When you hear a weird beeping noise coming from the front desk

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