I Went To Shawn Mendes’ MTV Unplugged Concert

ua mtv sm

Is this not the summer of Shawn Mendes?!?!?

shawn mtv unplugged

I went to the taping of Shawn Mendes’ MTV Unplugged and I was lucky enough to be in row G, which turned out to be like the fourth row. I was so close to him. It was incredible. I’m pretty sure he saw my dorky, blue, square glasses, but I wanted to make sure that I CLEARLY saw him, and I did.

I did the whole 1iota thing, where I got there hours earlier and waited in line until I felt sick, watched a bunch of girls who were the “prettier ones” get special wristbands to be placed directly in front of Shawn Mendes, standing room only kinda thing, and then sat pretty in a theater seat until Shawn Mendes came out and I almost cried. (I did cry, actually.)

He played like seven-ish songs, and decided to redo “Stitches” on the piano. He was talking to us in between songs and it was so cute. He said he had asked people before the show if his shirt was too tight and while they told him no, he felt like it was too tight but he wore it anyway. He took his shoes off to play piano and girls started taking off their shoes, too. Mind you my shoes had already been off since the third song because as cute as my shoes were, they really killed me this time.  He sang all of his songs and it was incredible to be like five feet away from him, when only a month ago I was at the very very VERY back of the Staples Center!


MTV said they wanted to film the audience only, so we sang “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” “Bad Reputation,” and “Mercy” as a crowd, and oh my freaking goodness. Singing “Mercy” as a crowd made me cry. I looked around at the other people during the middle of the song and girls were literally swaying to the music with their eyes closed, waving their hands in the air, singing passionately, and it sounded amazing. It was everything I have ever dreamed about. I’m trying to find the words to explain my weird fantasy but I think it was just my dream coming true of being a pop star and performing for a crowd, only this time I was able to also sing with a crowd and it happened in real life.

If you read my last post about singing “Ruin” at the Staples Center and repeating the line “Do I ever cross your mind?” over and over again, you will know how it made me emotional. But my gosh, here, I had to sing “Mercy” at the top of my lungs twice and it was all caught on camera. In the midst of looking around at girls who were helping me live my dream and simultaneously so swept up in their own emotion for this Shawn Mendes song, my voice cracked and my eyes got teary, and I wept again to “I’m begging you for mercy, mercy, on my heart” with my hands on my heart and my throat scratchy.

Side note: I feel like… I could write this weird comparison of teenage fangirl life to religion, and use “Mercy” as a basis. Hmm. Will put that aside for another graveyard shift blog posting session.

But getting back to my emotional meltdown, that was the feeling I’ve felt about music (and I guess specifically Shawn Mendes’ music) this whole entire time. It’s like MTV asked the entire crowd to channel this feeling and dream that I’ve had forever, and I literally lived my dream inside the theater wearing the cutest dress from H&M, these trendy, nude-colored cutout heels from Amazon, looking amazing and feeling amazing and beautiful for being appreciated by MTV for my appreciation of Shawn Mendes.

I know I have experienced so many moments in the past year where I said “This is the best night of my life,” but you have to believe me when I say that this moment in time at the Theater at Ace Hotel in DTLA was the best night of my life. The best night of my life. The best night of my life.

Shawn Mendes is a true talent and I will never get tired of watching him perform! I’m so so so incredibly happy that he has been such a big part of my summer adventures because he’s so great. Seeing him was a real, dream-come-true experience for me.

It’s 1:10 AM and I’m exhausted from all of this celebrity culture, but I love it so much. This was my dream as a little kid, and I’m finally getting the Los Angeles experience that I always wanted.

You can watch Shawn Mendes on MTV Unplugged September 8th!

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