I Went To The VMAs

And I’m here to tell my story.

I was an 1iota ticket loser for every VMA option possible. I got some of my coworkers to enter and two of them ended up getting PIT TICKETS! It was literally the Friday before the show and the rest of my friends had not received anything.


My friend messages me with TWO SHAWN MENDES SUPERFAN TICKETS. And if you read my last posts on my Shawn Mendes concerts, you know that I am a Shawn Mendes superfan. Heck, I only wanted to go to the VMAs to see Shawn. So. I literally cried. I extremely lucked out that day because I had just bought two dresses at H & M and one was perfect for braving that summer heat.  And boy, was it hot. I’m currently typing this in my room after scrubbing the grime off of me in a scalding shower, but my skin is currently scalding because of the heat that I stood in from 11:30 AM to 3 PM. Award shows are cool experiences to people who aren’t celebrities, but if you’re doing a general admission, it can be hell. This was my second time at an awards show. The first time I went to one was about three weeks ago at the Teen Choice Awards, and instead of standing in direct sunlight on a blacktop, I was smushed against hundreds of teenage girls trying to squeeze their way to Logan Paul, who I honestly still to this day have no idea what kind of content he puts out except for Twitter moments about how much people hate him. Anyway, the Teen Choice Awards were hella chaotic, but I was in the same room as Zendaya and Louis Tomlinson AND the cast of Riverdale, and it was an honor.

So that being said, and while the blisters on my feet are now taking shape and hating me, here is a list of my favorite moments from the MTV VMAs.

First of all, if you have ever wanted to know how people get into the VMAs, it’s this way:

vmas line.PNG


All of the people in line were young twentysomethings who grew up on the internet and are creating what Twitter culture and Tumblr culture is today. That was truly my demographic. They are also people who want to take part in celebrity culture but aren’t actually celebrities, which is also what I do. It’s interesting because they said absolutely no phones so there were not lots of opportunities to take photos during the action, and I guess people just agreed to lose valuable social media posts to experience the VMAs live, which was really cool. But one of the girls I met did have a friend with a phone, and so did a few girls sitting next to me, and one of the girls used her friends phone to take photos with PRETTYMUCH during filming breaks and during the show.


Everyone is wearing clothes they’re struggling with. Dresses, shoes, outfits, suits… pretty much everyone is wearing something that they might potentially feel uncomfortable in, but it fits the dress code and it seems to fit the current trends. (Example: heels. Gosh. I can’t even wear my teeny wedges for more than two hours but we are talking 5+ inch heels that people stand in for hours and PROM DRESSES in AUGUST.)

Kendrick Lamar

I admit, I don’t listen to his music but I hear it’s good. He opened the show and it WAS good.

Miley Cyrus

Even though she’s getting criticism for her genre switch, that was the-

Okay, I can’t even bring myself to write about that right now because Miley Cyrus was my first true girl crush and obsession. I was HERE for Hannah Montana. I learned to cry on cue from watching her Disneyland Christmas Day Parade performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” because I loved her so much and she was my everything. I never got to see her in concert, but I LIVED for the Hannah Montana 3D Concert Movie and I had the soundtrack and everything. But her performance at the VMAs was really special. I felt the energy in the room change, and even a day later I was reminiscing about how special that performance actually was to me. I think I have an entire life comparison to Miley Cyrus that I can write about later. But it was really cute.

Shawn Mendes

Sigh. The man of the hour. We had this connection when Katy Perry first floated to the stage! I don’t know how to describe it except for when she was about to land on the middle stage, she was positioned in the air exactly between me and Shawn Mendes, and it was like we were looking at each other, but not directly at each other. Anyway. Whenever Shawn Mendes did anything, my group (which didn’t get seated behind his stage but was closer to the main stage) went crazy. It was so fun. He never came back after his performance but it was still fun to watch other performers from like teen feet away.

Filming Corners

Although my group was not behind Shawn Mendes, we were seated directly in front of where a filming spot was on the stage. So I saw Hailee Steinfeld, Jared Leto, Jack Antonoff, Katy Perry, and other people from like, five feet away. I have been a Hailee Steinfeld stan since her True Grit days. Honestly. I think we are the same age and I was the only kid in the theater when I went to go watch it in 8th grade. And I love her music! She needs to drop her album because her songs are amazing and true bops.

Behind the Scenes

I saw Lorde fidgeting on stage before her Lorde-y performance (and basically all the performers), and it really humanized celebrities for me. Also, I just love Lorde in general so any time she did anything I was like, in love. Hailee Steinfeld waved to my group and I died, of course. The VMAs had longer commercial breaks than the Teen Choice Awards did and plus I was super close to the VMA stage, so it was pretty cool to see all the action happening in between going live.

I guess I will talk about the cons.


Ugh. So I put my phone in the hands of God and left it with my friend’s friend in their car. Well. We were not in line with them since they were in the pit, and so me and my friend had to walk like one mile after the show to the casino parking lot and wait without a cell phone until my other friends showed up to the parking lot. That’s where I messed up my feet even more. I could not bring myself to walk barefoot to the parking lot because there was broken glass everywhere and I would have been barefoot.

The Pit

I don’t know why I thought I could handle the pit. Right before Katy Perry performed “Swish Swish,” I leaned back in my seat and wanted to take a nap. I think I made awkward eye contact with one of the crew members who was above the lights, and I was ashamed. We were all ready to sleep. I was so tired from standing in the sun all day and feeling nervous and excited. Walking back to the parking lot with my blistered feet, I realized that I truly would have not lasted in the pit. After standing for four hours in the sun, I would have had to stand in my shoes for like five more hours and be moved around constantly, and I would have lost my energy so fast. But Shawn Mendes always comes through, so, as a Shawn Mendes superfan I had the luxury of an extremely close seat. The only thing was it was in the corner where the camera absolutely did not go, but I probably didn’t look as amazing as I thought I did, so it was okay.


So, that’s all that I have as  of right now. I typed this post over a few days and it’s actually going to be one week since I was at the VMAs. It took me about four days to recover from the sunburn, my cut up feet, my fatigue, and the overall excitement and realization that I actually got to sit in the quite small audience for the VMAs.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity. These past two weeks have been filled with last-minute DREAM COME TRUE(s)!!! The Shawn Mendes concert, sitting next to main stage of the VMAs, saying hi to Hailee Steinfeld, and just becoming part of this madness that I have always loved my entire life was the most incredible, fulfilling experience ever. I mean, I watched this Taylor Swift revenge drama unfold AT THE SAME AS DJ KHALED! I owe this tear-inducing, dream-fulfilling experience to my friend Raynard who so kindly applied for Shawn Mendes Superfan tickets with me in mind.

It was the best week of my life so far. It took about two and half years for this to happen, but I finally feel like Los Angeles is my home, and I found (and was truly accepted into) my niche, and my hobby/interests were socially acceptable/deemed valid by 200 other people for like the first time in my life. This is 100% what I tried to tell myself as a scared freshman. These are the “big things” that I would do while in college in LA. This is it. These are my dreams unfolding.

Next, I just need to g(raduate)tfo of college.

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