Harry Styles at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

harry in water

I totally forgot to write a blog post about going to see the iconic, legendary, amazing, talented Harry Styles in Los Angeles because I honestly had so many things pop up right before and right after the concert that going to the concert was actually put on the back burner in my mind in terms of hype.

Featured photo on homepage courtesy of @Greek_Theater.

In terms of looks, however, I have never before managed to capture myself having this kind of beautiful glow, and I just want to acknowledge the positive impact that Harry Styles has on me as inspiration for anyone out there who needs it. Here I am looking amazing as heck right after he finished his set:

post harry glow

I didn’t cry. I’m too old for that. Shawn Mendes makes me cry. But Harry is my old pal whose company I generally enjoy.

But anyway, it was still really freaking cool to see Harry Styles in his own element at this really great venue. I actually felt a lot older than I have ever felt at a concert and here’s why. Most of the audience were kids dropped off by their parents or with a parent. I took the 2/302 Metro bus from outside the dorms all the way to Vermont and Sunset, and then Ubered up to Lot D of the Greek.  When I was finally let into the venue, I stood in line for 20 minutes to buy merchandise. Thanks to the amazing update accounts that have covered pretty much every single detail of Harry’s tour, I knew exactly what merch I wanted to buy. I also knew that I could not afford to buy a $60 sweater, and to be quite honest, I was not feeling his t-shirts. His aesthetic is… not mine. So I bought a poster for my cute little single dorm room. His poster is one of the few items that are not available on his website for sale with his other tour merchandise.

When I sat down in my seat, someone immediately asked me if I was attending the concert alone. So was the other person! This is the thing I like about 1D fans. We have grown up together on the internet and in real life. We bring people together through these once-in-a-lifetime concerts, and we stay connected on social media. I made friends with THREE girls from this show. I had this epiphany when someone shared an opinion that I felt the same way about 5SOS falling off the face of the planet but having really great music. I pretty much screamed “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel! Thank you!” It’s hard to describe in person but I rarely ever get to talk 1D with anyone when I was younger and so being in an environment where everyone is exactly like you is pretty amazing.

I felt a lot older/more mature/hella independent because the girls around me were only seniors in high school! I was a senior in high school when 1D was still about one and a half years before their breakup. I lived through it all. I saw them as skinny little teens during the Take Me Home Tour, and I saw them as globally famous pop stars at the freaking Rose Bowl during the Where We Are Tour. I actually couldn’t remember the names and years of the tours during a conversation, can you believe that? But these girls were barely freshmen in high school, probably FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, when 1D was already in their prime. The breakup of One Direction coincided with my college application-induced identity crisis, and these girls were not even living the same reality as me.

It blew my mind that people have different 1D-related life experiences than me, you know?

I fangirled so hard over the fact that Harry sand “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” because of the fact that I actually tweeted that boy in August about him performing that song at the Greek, and it’s now part of his setlist for the entire tour! I died the night before when videos surfaced of him singing it. I also immediately died when he opened with “Ever Since New York” because as mentioned in my older Harry Styles post, that is my favorite song from his album.

(Also, sidenote: If you read my brief summary of my favorite 1D fanfic New York, you know that the emotional sequel is called The Journals, and well….. Harry’s merch includes a $25 journal. Amazing.)

Not to overwrite Harry’s solo career, but every single audience member of the Greek Theater that night lost their shit when he sang “Stockholm Syndrome” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” I for one have not sang or listened to “What Makes You Beautiful” since probably my senior year of high school, and suddenly my entire history of being an extremely dedicated One Direction fan just took over my body and I remember the Where We Are Tour where they got on their giant moving podium and I was like, this is it. This is my life in one song. Even now, thinking about it, I can’t write grammatically correct sentences because “What Makes You Beautiful” is THE boyband song of this millennium.

But yeah his solo songs were great and I have this really awesome video of the entire crowd singing “Kiwi.”

What ALSO made me feel super old was that, since I’m not present in the 1D Twitter fandom anymore except for viral tweets, I had no FREAKING idea that people still planned show projects. When I was in the 1D Twitter fandom FOUR FREAKING YEARS AGO, we rarely did projects and if we did, there were only a few people who knew about them. Thanks to parents giving their middle schoolers iPhones, more people do them now. (I literally saw like ten TINY children with the latest iPhone ON THE BUS on my way to the Greek. I still have the 5C with literally no plan to get a new phone.)

So I watched in shock as pretty much everyone had a poster that said “All the love, CA.” and… this is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen, I think it was during “Sweet Creature”, people put a pink sticky note over their phone flashlight so the entire audience glowed PINK! How smart is that? I think the original fan projects were really small things like “Wear a blue ribbon on your wrist to show you’re part of 1D Twitter” (we were really small) and “Write ______ on your palm.” Not this technologically savvy stuff.

We did hit our peak in Milan a few years ago when the stadium coordinated this amazing project, which, in my opinion, is better than the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

I also always watch this video even though it’s not of 1D performing. I love 1D fans more than 1D themselves sometimes.

I love it.

Who was I wearing that night? A few days before, I went to Santa Monica and spotted this floral shirt hanging from the ceiling and immediately knew that that would be the shirt I wore to see the love of my life.

creped top

I was hesitant to try it on because I’m not about that $20 per shirt life right now (I’m super cheap about everything besides concert tickets), but it ended up fitting quite nicely and only costing $9 because I had donated a bag of clothes. I looked amazing and I later bought the same shirt in yellow. I wore black flats and jeans. What I thought was really funny was that everyone was dressed to his aesthetic, complete with wacky boots. I tried to wear my black boots but my pants weren’t agreeing with them so I decided to wear flats.

It was a really fun night, and yeah I went by myself, but I do my own thing all the time, and no one is going to stop me from seeing the love of my life. (Except maybe money, because Harry is playing a brief set at the We Can Survive concert in a few days and I’m being stingy with my money right now because I finally have a decent meal plan again and things like that, but you know, every day I’m faced with the near future of having to pay rent and taxes and stuff. Honestly the most domestic thing I own right now is an iron and I only use that like five times a year.)

I will see the love of my life in July 2018 at the Forum. I currently have a ticket listed on Stub Hub if anyone is interested in buying it. I also have my own floor ticket!

All the love. xx

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