Award Show Season

Oscars DressMy almost content production-less entry into the entertainment industry began during the summer when I went to the Teen Choice Awards, and then the MTV Video Music Awards, and now I’m going to the American Music Awards this Sunday at the Microsoft Theater.

I kind of guessed that Shawn Mendes would be playing, but that was not my ultimate reason to go. One of my friends said she was 100% completely down to go with me, and so I’ve spend the last month and a half thinking about this weekend and planning my outfit among working a student job and taking 3 college classes, 1 of which is an 8 AM lecture in political science, something I have never taken a class on but am working so incredibly hard on to finally learn how to code!

But this weekend is almost here! My two dress options came in and I picked the winning one. My shoes will come in tomorrow, and I went out and restocked some makeup essentials this past weekend to be glam ready.

I have been obsessed with award shows since I was very small. Before I was even allowed to watch most of the movies featured at the Oscars, I would plop down on the sofa with my Mom and hold back tears as winners gave emotional speeches in gorgeous gowns, and dream that one day I would understand what they were talking about and also be there in the glamour and glitzy chaos.

Last February, I went to Hollywood the weekend before the Oscars and was so star struck looking at the empty bleachers that were going up, because I was finally closer to the Oscars than ever before. Anything can happen, so fingers crossed something happens this Oscars season and I get to be there again.

But, I’m extra excited to attend the American Music Awards because it is a break from school that happens one day before I go home for an entire week for Thanksgiving.

I’m going to update this post later because it’s 2:33 AM and I have class tomorrow (later today) at 10 AM and I need to get to sleep because this week for some reason has made me more sleepy than any other week this quarter.

10:34 PM – 2 days later

I don’t have class on Fridays, but today I was so busy that I forgot it was Friday and school was still happening while I was trying to stop fraud from happening on my debit card at 9:30 am, and then took a hike down to the hilltop store to buy a Pepsi and some packing tape (lol). And get a veggie salad from 1919.

Oscars Dress 2I am actually really excited to go home for Thanksgiving break. I think I’m actually equally excited to go home for the holidays as I am for the AMAs.

I went all out for my shopping trips for the AMAs and as usual, I ended up with nothing stunning except a clutch from Amazon.

I really wish Amazon existed during the one year that I went to prom. I’m entering this phase in my life where I have more access to things that I would have loved to have in high school. But regardless, I am thriving in this online shopping world.

For the AMAs, I tried on these nice almost-stiletto, pointy-toed black heels that were really nice but would have killed me the moment I stopped walking on the carpet. (Ahem…. maybe that’s why award shows use red carpets… so everyone can look graceful in their 8-inch heels). I need to accept defeat and give my chubby, dainty little feet the heels they deserve.

I’m also going to be wearing the same dress I wore to MTV Unplugged. It is not a shiny dress like I had hoped for, but it’s still really cute and is really special because of the significance and the wonderful time I had wearing it. This is honestly my ideal

cinderella dress

dress for every occasion, but I can’t exactly store all of my event clothes in my single dorm room. And also, can you imagine dragging the petticoat of this gown across the ninth floor of Hedrick Summit?

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