I Seek the Truth: Frozen II and Some Other Pursuits

We all know how life-changing Frozen II is, but have you heard the demo recorded by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Patti Murin called “I Seek the Truth”? It is a song included on the Deluxe Edition of the Frozen II soundtrack. Here it is on Disney’s YouTube channel if you are ready to have your life absolutely changed.


And here is the first time Patti Murin (who plays Princess Anna in Frozen on Broadway) tweeted to the world that she also worked on Frozen II.

patti murin frozen


Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/PattiMurin/status/1195361051665162240?s=20

Anyway. I saw Frozen II by myself in the only AMC theater in town and I bought one of the last tickets while I was working a miserable substitute teaching job on the day before Thanksgiving break. Then I had  my showing ruined by two teenage girls who sat next to me and talked and commented inappropriate remarks all throughout the film. I shushed them multiple times until they said “Ew” at Elsa’s pivotal moment, at which point I leaned over and shushed them. They looked scared, but I’m an adult who paid for Frozen II on my free time and not commentary. Oh, I was so upset. I went into the film completely spoiler-free. I had not even listened to the soundtrack and yet the quality was being tanked by the other people in the theater. There were babies who were behaving better.

Anyway, I got over it and I listened the soundtrack on the way home. “I Seek the Truth” was the last song I listened to before I went to bed and it honestly made me stay awake for an hour more because I was in shock at the depth of this song that was not included in the film but seemed to reveal so much more about Anna and Elsa. 

I have always known that Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez were powerhouse songwriters and musicians who have given this millennia its own classic Disney and non-Disney melodies that fill the world with happiness and song. What I love about their lyrics and music is that it makes me feel like I can sing and be a Broadway star, when in reality I cannot because I literally have a gag reflex that activates when I talk too loudly, but I just feel the music within me and it makes me SING. 

The stress of the week impacted by reaction to Frozen II, but I think it is also a sign that I am getting older and more mature. (LOL). Sometimes I watch Disney content and I get infatuated and I feel like my reality crumbles and I almost exist in that world. I get into my little Disney bubble and I think that there’s nothing else more amazing than singing the songs and thinking about the world that I have just witnessed. But I felt like Frozen II was so dark that I could not relate and it was definitely a world that I didn’t want to understand on an emotional level. So I guess I’m thankful that I have not had any experiences where I feel as broken as Anna, but also I think that ability to make a highly-anticipated Disney sequel very dark and scary is obviously amazing and a sign that Disney tales have modernized in terms of theme. 

I have been inside the Frozen bubble since I went to Disney World over the summer.  I was lucky enough to get two days of Comic Con passes for this summer, and I am really interested in creating a cotton fabric version of Princess Anna’s original costume (the blue skirt and black vest and pink cape). I am good at sewing so I hope that is a passion project I can work on before the summer.  I hope to make it completely cotton so that I can be comfortable in that San Diego heat. 

A sign the times are a-changing: I mentally blocked out the first hour and a half of a teaching conference I was attending so that I could wait in the Comic Con queue. And I got the tickets for the first time in life, which was a wonderful feeling. 

I am more inclined to dress up as Princess Anna for Comic Con because I feel like I relate to her more than Elsa. I really love a good listen to “Love is an Open Door” as well as her vocals in the scarier parts in “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise).” This is the costume I am talking about that I want to recreate to be more heat-friendly, which is hilarious, because this outfit is literally built for snow. 

frozen 2 me

My second Comic Con costume is Bella from Twilight in her iconic bowling shirt. I am trying to figure out how to wear the bowling shirt because the iconic print is on the back of the shirt and I wonder if I will have a bag with me that will possibly obscure the text. But I want to do it as a homage to my Master’s thesis which is coming along wonderfully and beautifully and I’m looking forward to holding an audience and talking about how Edward [redacted for plagiarism possibilities on myself LOL]. Or something like that. 

I actually did score tickets to see Hamilton in the spring at the Pantages. I would love to see Frozen on Broadway but I haven’t planned well enough to go back to Los Angeles in the winter beyond the one night I will be there for another show. Instead I will be going to Harry Styles’ show at the Forum in December to celebrate his new album release! I am very excited for that, especially because the ticket I bought off of StubHub was real and not a scam. People were really scamming the heck out of that show on Twitter.  

Getting back to “I Seek the Truth,” I wonder what truth I am seeking. Probably about what the next step is for me professionally. During the spring semester I don’t have to take classes and I get to focus on writing my thesis. So I really want to figure out what makes me write and get into my element, almost become a writer performatively so that I can say that I “took time off to just write” even though my writing usually happens in rushed settings, over the weekend, when I know that it is my one chance to sit down and get everything out. (Actually, a good chunk of my thesis came out of when I subbed for a friend’s class. The kids were fine but I have come to realize that whenever I work in a classroom that makes me agonize over my job I realize I’m wasting my time not working on my thesis). I know that writing performatively might be a huge joke but I’ve never had the opportunity to openly say “I’m a writer” because I did not feel justified saying that as an unpublished writer.

A lot of my irritation about saying “I’m a writer” comes from feeling like I didn’t have any privacy when I was experimenting with writing as a kid. But at the same time I also published a lot of things on Tumblr in the 2012 era that no one local knew or acknowledged but gained a lot of traction that almost scared me. Also, whenever I applied to UCLA publications they never called me back after the interviews so it’s whatever. It’s LA. What do you expect. When I realized I could make my own website I felt better. 

Maybe eventually I will somehow gain these amazing writing abilities and I can write something as amazing as “I Seek the Truth” or the 2050 version of Frozen. But it will be called Burn or something like that. Hard to imagine a Disney animated fairy tale about living in 113 heat summers but it might work. Starring America Ferrera’s son and some new talent. 

 Okay well, I am going to publish this right now and then come back to it and add whatever I feel is missing. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am at a loss for Black Friday deals, mostly because I am waiting for all my paychecks to come in so I can get these hotel and concert ticket charges off my card for when I see Harry Styles in a few weeks. Also, I am saving to move to Los Angeles as soon as I am done with my Master’s thesis, so I am not really in the market for major tech items right now. 

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