Black Lives Matter: Black-owned Businesses, Organizations, Crowdfunding, Non-Profits, Bail Funds and Resources to Donate To

Black Lives Matter. I am compiling a list of fundraisers for Black-owned businsesses, organizations, crowdfunding, non-profits, bail funds and other resources that you can contribute to.

Here is more information about police brutality in the United States: 

Fighting Police Abuse: A Community Action Manual:

Mapping Police Violence:

Fatal Force (The Washington Post):

This list of fundraising resources will be continously updated. Many of the most publicized fundraisers have met their goal and are being capped, so this list contains many fundraisers that have not yet met their goal and have not yet received viral attention.

Google Doc for Bail Funds in the United States*K_puEnU-cBUGKdR1iGi4tA

Irie Kitchen Vandalism Fund – Grand Rapids, MI

Around 1am on Wednesday, June 3rd, several days after the downtown protests, Irie Kitchen was attacked and vandalized. Due to Covid-19, Irie Kitchen has been temporarily closed and was planning to reopen June 12th. Irie Kitchen is a small, family-owned black business. Funds raised from this campaign will help cover the expenses of repairing the damage from the vandalization, as well as help with 3 months lost revenue and fixed expenses of operating a restaurant during this global pandemic. There’s never been a more important time to support black businesses. With everyone’s support we can help get Irie Kitchen back on their feet. Thank you in advance.

Dr. Juanakee Adams 2020 Resiliency – Birmingham, AL

Our small businesses need our help!  

Due to the riots in Birmingham May 31st Dr. Adams and many of the small businesses on 5th Avenue experienced a great amount of vandalism.  Windows shattered, eyeglass cases stolen, eye glasses stolen, and flooring destroyed.

We need your help to support our black owned business as they begin the restoration process.

Association for Black Economic Power

Association for Black Economic Power is partnering with Pimento to support Black businesses in Minnesota affected by white supremacist violence and destruction.

Solutions not Punishment Collaborative  @snap4freedom

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative is a Black, Trans-led, broad based collaborative to restore an Atlanta where every person has the opportunity to grow and thrive without facing unfair barriers, especially from the criminal legal system. 

Divine Natural Ancestry – @divinenaturalancestry

Free food for the people: grass-roots radical food movement – We demand reparations to the people of the First Nations, descendants of people enslaved in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and people across the world where white supremacy and genocide has detroyed the natural rhythm of life. 

Black People’s Justice Fund – Metro Phoenix

Created in response to the targeting of Black people by police. We are the organizers who lead Phoenix’s annual Black Mother’s Day Bailout. With COVID-19 now is a crucial time to keep all people out of jails, prisons, and detention centers. We will always prioritize Black folx in our work, but will extend support to people of color, as well. We also prioritize releasing LGBTQIA+ people who are at risk of violence in carceral spaces. It is our mission to end destructive bail practices in our community!

The Okra Project


The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever we can reach them.

The Loveland Foundation – @thelovelandfoundation

We are aiming to raise $600,000 in order to offer over 5,000 hours of FREE therapy sessions for Black women and girls to go to therapy. With therapy sessions in the U.S. typically costing anywhere from $60 – $250– even with insurance, the prevalent and ingrained stigma surrounding mental health in many communities, and the fact that the vast majority of therapists in this country are white, it is often difficult for Black women and girls to access therapy when they need it. We want to change that.

Fronterizx Fianza Fund – @fronterizxfianzafund

The Fronterizo Fianza Fund is a community bond (fianza) fund based in El Paso and serving Far West Texas and New Mexico. Many detained migrants have no chance to be released while they wait the months or years until their trial. When someone does receive a bond, they are often way out of reach for most families, ranging anywhere from $1500-50,000. We believe no one should be held in a cage, no matter their status. Abuse, despair, hyper-exploitation, and due process violations are inherent to detention. While people remain detained simply because they can’t pay for their freedom, we will work with them and their families to pay bonds, support people inside, and navigate the long and confusing road to freedom.

Justice for George Floyd Petition: Justice for George Floyd (link)

George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

George was handcuffed and restrained and being completely cooperative when this all went down. The officer put his knee on George’s neck choking him for minutes on minutes while George screamed that he could not breathe. Bystanders beg for the police officer to take his knee off George’s neck, but the officer didn’t listen and continued to choke him.

Not that it would matter at all, but George was not even wanted for a violent crime. A grocery store that he was signing a bad check.

We are trying to reach the attention of Mayor Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman to beg to have the officers involved in this disgusting situation fired and for charges to be filed immediately.

Please help us get justice for George and his family!

For James Scurlock’s Family

GofundMe Link: (or click here)

We are creating this fundraiser for James Scurlock and his family. 

Who is James Scurlock?

A 22 years old young black man who showed his dedication a love for his people every single day. 

James was passionate for Justice, but today his fight ended as he was shot and killed downtown Omaha while protesting for the same Justice he deserves. 

May you Rest In Peace James. 

Commonly asked Questions from GoFundMe and everybody else:

Who are you?: I am Aimlys Esso, a member of the community of Omaha, Nebraska.
What is your relationship with James Family or James?: I did not personally know James nor his family.
Withdrawal plan to get funds to the beneficiaries: James Scurlock Sr. has been set as the SOLE beneficiary of this fund. EVERY SINGLE LAST PENNY OF THIS FUND WILL BE GIVEN TO JAMES’ FAMILY.
How will the funds be spent?: That is not for me to decide. This will be decided by James Family.
I started this fundraiser thinking of how I could show support to the family, so I thank you all for helping

Thank you

I Run With Maud

GoFundMe link: (or click here)

This fundraiser was designed to assist Ahmaud’s mother; Ms. Wanda Cooper-Jones and her immediate family with financial support during this extreme difficult time and in their struggle for justice for the murder of Ahmaud Marquez Arbery.  Ahmaud was my best friend so I want to do everything possible to bring honor to his name and make sure justice is served. ALL donations are going towards the fight for making sure justice is served and to ensure that Ahmaud’s mother has the resources they will need.  Having to grieve and deal with getting justice, are already two major burdens.  The goal is to help lighten the load by eliminating the financial burden as much as possible. Please continue to share Ahmaud’s story until justice is served for those responsible for his death. Any donations will be MORE than appreciated by Ahmaud’s family.

On February 23, 2020, 25 year-old Ahmaud Arbery was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael, son of retired Brunswick investigator Greg McMichael, under the father’s and son’s pretenses of witnessing a burglary in Satilla Shores of Glynn County.

There is no evidence of the alleged burglary. Furthermore, McMichael’s account of the deadly encounter with Arbery was not released until nearly 6 weeks following the shooting. Today and every day since Arbery’s death, both Travis and Greg McMichael walk freely.

McMichael’s questionable account of events and the police department’s poor communication efforts following Arbery’s death lead us to believe that Arbery was a victim of racial profiling. Furthermore, due to Greg McMichael’s previous involvement in county law enforcement, Arbery’s death is not being addressed as a homicide nor taken as seriously as it should be.

No one has the right to pursue, attack and kill an unarmed, non-threatening individual. Ahmaud’s voice will be heard.  

Please share HIS story!
#JusticeforAhmaudArbery #iRunWithMaud

Google Doc For Supporting Black Local Businesses

Keep 50 50 Coffee House and Pub Alive – Albuquerque, NM

GoFundMe link: (or click here)

For Black Out Tuesday I was trying to shop all Black owned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I searched far and wide for a coffee shop. Every shop I researched was closed, except 50/50…sort of. They are only able to sell beans until officially reopening.

Black and Latina owned 50/50 coffee house & pub is yet another small ABQ business struggling to open back up, thriving prior to Covid-19.
With current events many are looking to support small Black owned businesses, here’s your chance! 

From 50/50’s website:

“When Amber, Carmen & Chad opened 50/50, we wanted some very specific things.  We wanted an unpretentious place with really good food, organic fair-trade coffee and craft beer.  We wanted an inclusive community space that almost feels like home;  where children are welcome and our customers become extended family.  We also knew that we wanted to support other small business people in our community.  Through positive partnerships, we are achieving these goals as well as meeting the growing needs or our community.  We host a variety of community-lead events, pop-up markets and a retail collaborative.  50/50 Coffee House and Pub… our space, your ideas.”

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