About Me


My name is Natalie and I am a student at UCLA.

I am not an LA or New York native, so my fabulous city life has definitely been in the making for several years.

I’m going to try to keep this as updated as possible since I have grown over the past four years that I have been blogging.

  • Boybands are my life and have been my life since I was 7 years old. I love One Direction with all my heart.
    •  I wrote a term paper about One Direction during my second quarter at UCLA and it literally saved my enrollment at UCLA, so you could say I found a successful way to in corporate all of this into my college experience.
  • I’m currently watching Black-ish, Breaking Bad, and just finished Difficult People.
    • My greatest binge-watching achievement is all seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the weeks 9 and 10 of spring quarter. That’s like 11 seasons in 2 weeks.
  • I can’t live without Spotify Premium. Cannot.
  • 2017 is officially the summer of Shawn Mendes, just like summer 2012-2015 was the summer of One Direction.
  • During the summers I am a seat filler for award shows and studio tapings and this upcoming summer I am hoping to become a background actor on some shows.
    • I was a seat filler for the  2017 MTV VMAs and I will never let anyone forget that EVER.
  • I moved to Los Angeles for college to pursue a ~stable career~ but literally all of my television and music dreams have come true.

Check out Bruins on Broadway, my lil’ project on UCLA alumni who have been on Broadway or are currently on Broadway. –  no longer active but I will post occasionally if something major occurs

Follow my social media accounts to see my journey from a small-town girl to a west coast celebrity.

Twitter: @natblogs

Instagram: hyperbolicnatalie

Thank you for being here!


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