I Stan BTS

A few days ago I listened to every BTS song on Spotify and I felt my life change. I have been missing the excitement One Direction gave me. Being an original One Direction Twitter stan was a wonderful time in my life where many of my dreams came true because of the power of fandom … More I Stan BTS

Fine Line Live

So there I was, in the drive-thru of McDonalds, ordering something that I hoped would take the dreariness of my second job of the day away. When I see my phone buzz in the console with the subject Join Us For Something Special, I know what it is without reading the email. It is an … More Fine Line Live

The Best of 2017

Welcome friends to my Best of 2017 post! I will be writing about the best music, movies, television that uh… that happened/I watched in 2017. First of all, look at my amazing graphic design skills. I really wanted to tie in NYE glitter and one of my good AMAs panoramic selfie. It looks better on … More The Best of 2017